Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Crafty Tutorial Links

Alright this is where I blab about the fun projects I've come across on-line as I've avoided doing the dishes or procrastinated getting my writing done for the day...

*I love this dress over at Lil Blue Boo...

She does this crazy cool screenprinting technique with contact paper. Brilliant. And I love that the inspiration for those apples came from The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

*How about making yarn from upcycled t-shirts? Find out how at Polka Dot Pineapple. I think this is a rad idea. Mmmmm, but what would I make from t-shirt yarn? I'm not totally sure. But I'll be giving it some thought.

*Modge Podged Shoes?! Yes. Apparently it's possible. This makes me want to run out to the thrift store or rummage around in my closet for some ugly shoes to beautify. Boy, I think I have crafty ADD.

mod podge shoes Upcycling: Mod Podge Shoes... Yes thats right... Mod Podge Shoes

You can find this fabulous idea at Factory Direct Craft Blog.

*Ack! This is the cutest little sock owl I have ever seen. Granted. I haven't seen a whole lot of sock owls, but still. It's adorable. I think I might have to whip one up for my wee girl with a broken arm.

Tutorial :: Sock Owl 19

You can find the tutorial for making this bird that is so cute I could squeal, at Whimsy Loft.

*These are sweet. So sweet. I mean they are so stinking sweet I think I've got a cavity. And a need to make a whole troop of them...

DSC_0037 copy

Clothespin dolls! Oh my. I love 'em.  You can find the link for making these bitty little dolls over at Going Sew Crazy.

*Alright, this is cute (do you feel like I might be overusing that word in this post? Hmmm...) And I just might have to whip one up soon for my Wee Molly. 

You can find the tutorial at Notes From a Very Red Kitchen.

*I love stuffies! I love making them, giving them and....I love playing with them with my kids! I was one of those weird children who was sure they all came to life when I left the room. This chicken has a whole lot of personality. I'd love to catch it coming to life. I think it might head right for the sugar bucket. It kind of has that I-Need-a-Sugar-Fix look in its eye...

easter chick tutorial

You can find the tutorial at Whipup.

*And finally a cute belt. I don't wear a lot of belts. But this is fun and I love patchwork!

Find the tutorial at Area Thrifty One.

Do you feel inspired? Feel like whipping out the sewing machine or glue gun? Well, then, my work is done.
(and if not...what is wrong with you??? Did you not see that sock owl? Come on! How can you NOT want to make that?)

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  1. That owl is so stinking cute! I want one for myself! I might have to try it, and if I read the tutorial correctly, I don't even need a sewing machine, right? Cute stuff. I also love the chicken. And yes, he'd head right for the sugar bowl! :)