Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a random selection of books I love...

The Little Rabbit series
written and illustrated by Harry Horse

I love these sweet stories, the mischevious, but kind-hearted Little Rabbit and the amazing illustrations. We just checked out Little Rabbit's New Baby. And I was sad to read on the flap that Harry Horse passed away in 2007. I can't remember how many of the books there are.  There's a Christmas one, one about school, and another about runnign away. So, at least four of them.  I love them all and I need to get them for our home library. Although I haven't read the Christmas one, yet. But I'd buy it anyway based on the others I've read.

Bertie Was a Watchdog
by Rick Walton, illustrated by Arthur Robins

This is one of the best read aloud books.  I love love love it.  And my kids adore it, as well.  It's funny and clever. I could (and have) read this one over and over again.

Whales on Stilts and the others in this series
by M.T. Anderson

I have an undying and absolute love for these books. They are brilliantly funny, a tongue in cheek kind of funny, which I adore. We listened to the first book as a family. Everyone loved it and begged for it to be turned on when we got in the suburban. And we listened to most of the second one recently.  Still need to finish it.  Quirky and weird and so very clever. The story-line is crazy and so smart. M.T. Anderson is some kind of amazing.

The Princess of the Midnight Ball
by Jessica Day George

I just finished reading this one. It was a beautiful retelling of the twelve dancing princesses. I love the romance and how the bulk of the story is told from the handsome young soldier bent on rescuing the oldest daughter.  I had the hardest time putting it down and as I went through the day my mind kept returning to the story and wishing I could hide in my room and devour the rest of it.

Bark, George
by Jules Feiffer

Ha! This is one of the best picture books ever.  The silly tale makes an excellent read aloud. And the illustrations of the momma dog as the doctor pulls out each of the animals from her little pup's mouth (you'll just have to read the book in order for that last sentence to truly make since!) are hilarious.  And the look on the momma's face as she's trying to get her little one to just obey and bark already! I think every momma can identify with that feeling. 

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything
by Elise Broach illustrated by David Small

This is a favorite in our house. Especially the part where the boy is so excited about getting yet another dinosaur that he raises his fists in the air with his fingers pointed.  My kids like to imitate that move.  I love this story and I'm so impressed with the author's creativity.

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