Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Molly

This is our wee Molly's usual look.  Her big eyes open wide and staring all around.

Are you surprised about something Butter Bean? 

I often joke that she's still in shock about the family she ended up in. But this time it was the joy of an apple that caused that look. I handed her a big chunk of the fruit during dinner.  She doesn't have any teeth yet, but I figured she'd enjoy tasting the fruit.  And she really did!  She was all kinds of excited as she shoved that apple into her mouth as much as she could and held on tight to it with both hands.

The last few days she's been sick with a cold.  Blech. She keeps catching colds and ear infections and such!  It really stinks to see her feeling so crummy.  A week or so ago, her daddy said, "I'd rather be sick four times than Molly be sick again."

And if anyone knows how much Ryan absolutely *detests* being sick, then you will understand what a sweet sentiment that was.

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