Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The time is upon us.

NaNoWriMo starts very soon. Those of you planning to participate should be doing things like scrubbing your toilets, stockpiling m&ms, taking a shower (it might be the last you get for a month), disabling your Facebook account and making sure your children have clean underwear for a month. 

It's so tempting.  

I mean, who wouldn't want to go clean the toilets right now? But I will not be jumping on the bandwagon. I just can't abandon my current WIP to have a wild fling with another book idea. I need to stay focused. 

I. Must. Revise. This. Book. 

So, I started up a group on Facebook. In November we'll be doing....


Revising My Novel Month. Sounds impressive, right? And it's just fun to say. 

If you'd like to join our Merry Band of Revisers, go here...

And if you're thinking, "But I haven't even finished my book. I'm not ready to revise it."

That's okay. You can still join up with us. 

So, come one, come all! You poor and miserable writers watching the NaNoWriMo-ers with envy. Don't abandon your WIP. Don't let your gaze wander. Stay strong! Unite with RevMyNoMo and get your novel revised.

Together we can accomplish great things. (Or simply waste a lot of time on Facebook)


  1. A revising month sounds like a good idea. I'm excited for NaNo. Even though it's crazy and hard, I do some of my best work during NaNo--then spend the next year revising.

  2. I can't resist NaNo as last year I'd just started blogging and didn't know much about it! It's my first time and I'm psyched, but my WIP is at the end of its first round of revisions (or very nearly), so hopefully I'll get back to it with fresh eyes. Good luck with your RevMyNoMO (great name!)

  3. I revised my current WIP for Nano, too.